Case Study Franklin House

The Franklin House site had been decommissioned by another contractor – but five weeks prematurely.

This had resulted in the loss of the mobile phone signal for local businesses and residents, which negative consequences on people’s daily communications and business efficiency.

What ARCC did

ARCC were contacted to carry out an emergency re-instatement. Here is what we did:

  • Surveyed all the equipment that would be required for the re-installation.
  • Carried out an emergency re-instatement.
  • Got on site within 12 hours.
  • Reinstalled steelwork and rebuilt the stacked flexi unit – the previous one having been entirely removed.
  • Re-installed and commissioned the microwave link, which had also been removed.

The Impact

Within 48hrs the whole site had been rebuilt, commissioned and integrated back into the network, with mobile phone coverage thereby re-established. The project is a shining example of ARCC’s pro-active approach.