Meet the Team Anne Smallman

Anne is General Manager at ARCC, with over 30 years senior management experience in manufacturing, education, service delivery and charities.

Anne Smallman

Anne is very results-orientated and finance-focussed (it is rumoured that she was born with a calculator in her hand). She has experience in leading high-performance teams, increasing productivity, and reducing costs and inefficiencies.

She also enjoys nurturing and growing businesses organically, working with staff to evaluate opportunities and risks, and delivering innovative solutions. She works very hard to enable staff to progress and grow, and believes that succession planning and staff relationships are paramount to any businesses success.

Her previous role was Head of Operations for YMCA Worcestershire.

Anne is also known for her contributions to the community including volunteering as Treasurer with the local Mothers Union, and involvement with the YMCA on a number of levels. Anne loves cooking, particularly Greek food, and enjoys entertaining friends and family on a regular basis.

Anne Smallman