About Us

See below for details of the work and services that ARCC can deliver.

Who we are, and who we work for

ARCC Communications is one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the rigging resource industry. We are a regular contractor for leading providers in the telecommunications industry – Huawei, EE, Vodafone and Telefónica. Located in the Midlands, we can get quick and easy access to all parts of the UK.

As part of a dedicated business group with broad experience, and with access to a deep and wide skill base, we can resource all sizes of projects without difficulty.

We train all our own staff from scratch, and can now boast a pool of experienced technical experts. We don’t recruit from elsewhere and we don’t rely on contractors. This means everyone we supply to you has bought into our values and meticulous ways of working. As a result, it means you can have confidence that whomever we supply to you, will deliver what we promise.

Very occasionally, to address your emergencies and to resolve peaks in demand for our services, we will draw on the skills and resources of other companies. But only companies with whom we have long-standing partnerships, and companies that share our values – and only so that we never let you down.