Approach to quality

ARCC continually strives to improve in all areas of its operational functions. We have had particular success in the area of site quality, our record for RFT and our overall audit index is the best in the UK.

Connected communication

We achieve this high standard in multiple ways but key to this is communication, communications of new specification requirements, communication of industry standards and best practice and communication of internal company processes. In todays connected work place there are multiple ways of achieving instant and effective communications and ARCC is leading the way with a connected workforce using our in house developed mobile application SiteLive we are not only able to communicate the changes and requirements of our clients, we are also able to set up audit functions to ensure new requirements are captured and completed as required, using SiteLive we can distribute these changes instantly over the air to an unlimited number of connected devices.

As well as connected communication between the management and field based operatives we understand and nurture the requirement for continual training and face to face hands on interaction with the workforce. We achieve this initially through monitoring and collecting data on engineer performance on a monthly basis, once data is collated league tables are issued showing the best performing engineers and those who are in need of support. All information collected is fed back to the workforce and contractors on a monthly basis.

Quality through training

Where we have identified engineers in need of support our senior field engineers will get out and work within the team to help improve the areas where the team hasn’t performed so well, resulting in continual improvement and development, a better understanding of network requirements and ultimately better quality. This approach and league also results in creating a competitive environment with the best performers being rewarded for their efforts.

A lot of focus is often put on the engineers completing the work, but the real key to improving and keeping a consistent level of quality is the way it is managed and supported, a consistent quality system does not rely on stand out individuals, although this does help, it relies on a robust management system and a structured support system, and this is where ARCC excels. Our management are fully engaged and committed to providing our clients with the best quality and level of service we can, and this commitment is resonant throughout all of our actions. Before any decision is made, the impact on quality is always considered, if a negative impact is the result then alternative measures will be sought.

The ARCC way

Another challenge that faces any company is the successful integration of sub-contractors into the workforce, at ARCC our approach is unique, any sub-contract team is nurtured and taught the ARCC way, for one month the team or individuals will work within an operational ARCC team to learn the companies individual approach to supply and delivery. We also only partner with companies and not individuals, this way we can interact and work directly with our suppliers PMO to ensure complete transparency and cohesion in our successful partnerships in delivery.

Quite possibly most important is understanding the client ultimate goal, working as one team, with one goal and fully immersing ourselves working closely with our clients project teams we gain a first-hand knowledge and understanding of what the client really wants and needs, this can then be communicated directly back to our management team and field operative to ensure we are fully aligned from site instruction, to site handover and final QA acceptance.

The final piece of the jigsaw is defect resolution, ensuring KPI’s are met and defects are not left outstanding, ARCC has a dedicated team who are able to manage and clear out defects in a timely manner in accordance with the clients requirements, keeping our open book of defects far below that of any competitor.


ARCC is an ISO registered firm, with the following accreditations:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 18001
  • OHSAS 18001

We are delighted to be winners of two recent awards, in recognition of our commitment to service and working in close collaboration with our partners:

  • Huawei award for ‘Outstanding Cooperation’ (26/05/2015)
  • Huawei award for ‘Outstanding delivery’ (26/10/2015)
  • Huawei award for ‘Outstanding Quality’ (16/02/2016)