Services Rigging

Rigging is core to ARCC’s work. We have particular experience in PCN rigging and have a dedicated resource for carrying out build activities, as well as both planned and reactive maintenance.

All our engineers are trained in-house, to ARCC standards, and our lead engineers typically have over 10 years’ experience specific to the industry.

We are an ISO registered firm, with ISO 9001, ISO 18001 and OHSAS 18001. And our company’s comprehensive knowledge and skills base means we can cater for all major networks operating in the UK.

ARCC prides itself in making only occasional use of contract staff. Instead, we forge strong and reliable partnerships with companies who share our five values giving us access to known, dependable resources.

In today’s telecoms space, the majority of jobs consist of upgrade and swap work. ARCC is well adapted to this, with a rounded knowledge of the legacy systems and a sympathetic understanding of the upgrade path requirements. Whether you are looking for a vendor refresh, technology add or hardware upgrade, we can handle your requirements.